Cap Mail, Rennes

Cap Mail by night, Rennes - Alain Rehault
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Every town wants – needs? – something like a signature building defining its personality, better than other stuff. We all recognize Paris by the Eiffel Tower, and Rome by the Colosseum for example. That’s how big cities define themselves. But, not only the biggest cities in the world. Some smaller cities, not too small as well, like Rennes in Brittany, France (around 710 000 unhabitants), want to be on the map of the most prestigious signature buildings. And here is why.

It takes a great architect to build a signature building. And in this particular case, it’s Jean Nouvel, a famous architect, that designed it. And it’s a masterpiece. The building is located in the very city centre, by a lovely river you can walk alongside.

Of course with luxurious architecture comes a well designed interior. We can easily imagine the magnificent view of the old city centre of Rennes when on the rooftop! We don’t have any image, but we know that there is a 600 m2 loft…

Cap Mail interior, Rennes - Willy Berre
Cap Mail interior, Rennes – Willy Berré

This piece of luxury welcomes famous people in its walls. Famous french singer Nolwenn Leroy, Stade rennais soccer player Yoann Gourcuff and his wife Karine Ferri, who is a famous french top-model and a television presenter, and some others.

Cap Mail
1 Mail François Mitterrand
35000 Rennes, France

Architect: Jean Nouvel


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