Tour Odéon, Monaco

Tour Odéon penthouse, Monaco
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Would you live about 170 meters above the Mediterranean sea? Yeah, why not, but… There are so many beautiful houses around the French Riviera that it would take something powerful to not have direct access to the sea. And if I say: Monaco. Oh, right! It’s probably impossible to have a cute forest house under the pines that gives you direct access to the beach in Monaco. But, there are plenty of things to do better in this small and tall luxury city called “Le Rocher” in french. Casino, luxury restaurants, lots of activities all year long like tennis tournament, Formula One, and a nice temperature.

Someone probably crazy decided to built a tower, a big and tall tower, because there is no place no more in town to add some housing. Of course, it’s in Monaco, so it’s only luxury places. And of course there is an AMAZING penthouse at the top of the “Tour Odéon”. This place is, well, just the most expensive apartment in the World! The price is 300 millions Euros!
For a small, beautiful, stunning penthouse suite of 3 300 m2 of 5 floors. No need to take some time to calculate how much per square meter it does cost. At this price, you have a wonderful panoramic view over the bay of Monaco. And a great overflowing swimming pool with an outside toboggan which comes directly from the bedroom to the fresh morning water. Of course, all luxury services are available, like conciergerie, valet, shuttle and so on.

I let you imagine how the life should be here. Domination on everything and everybody. Some kind of fantasy.

So. Welcome home.

Tour Odéon
30 Avenue de l’Annonciade
98000 Monaco

Architect: Alexandre Giraldi


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