Mirror Houses, Italy

Mirror Houses by night
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Italy is probably the country where the word “design” does mean something more than just “an option to live”. Think about it: Ferrari? Armani? Italy, of course. Architecture? Italy has to say about it. And we can learn from this beautiful country. Peter Pichler Architecture is a Milan based firm dedicated to develop modern and contemporary architecture, urbanism and design for the world to live better. They created this incredible houses named “Mirror Houses”, located in the northern part of Italy, near Bolzano. Can’t say anything else than: Wow!

These houses are really well integrated into her environment. As you can see, this is one house divided into two small parts.

This is not really big houses, but that’s enough to stay there for a while. Watching around the country land and the mountains on the horizon. Inside, everything is confortable, well designed and very useful.

This is a great work of architecture.

The Mirror Houses can be viewed here (see map), but it’s a private street so it could be difficult to approach. And do you know the best part of the story? You can book it! Yes. So lucky you.

Via Agruzzo 75,
39100 Bolzano, Italy

Peter Pichler Architecture
Mirror Houses (for booking)


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