Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland

Fogo Island Inn

The Fogo Island Inn is located in one of the edges of the World. Newfoundland, far eastern Canada. Facing the famous Icebergs Alley coming from Labrador and Greenland. And despite the fact that it’s a little bit difficult to go there, this is a very, very beautiful place to stay a while. In luxury conditions, of course.

The inn has 29 suites. “Each guest suite is “handmade modern”, which is a contemporary expression of traditional outport design and decor” (that’s what they say). There are also very beautifully designed hot bathtubs with an amazing view of the ocean on the rooftop.

The inn offers a gastronomic restaurant, by the executive Chef Murray McDonald. Fine North Atlantic cuisine. His restaurant has been nominated one of the best new restaurants in Canada in 2013, when it opened. That says all. A must.

Now you know: there are people doing extraordinary things on the edge of the World, watching icebergs slowly going south like tourists flying to Cuba. And you should go to verify yourself.

Fogo Island Inn iceberg
Fogo Island Inn iceberg

Fogo Island Inn

Architect: Todd Saunders


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