ice Q Restaurant, Sölden, Austria

Austria - ice Q restaurant
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ice Q is an amazing restaurant from Austria. Just watch some of the pictures here and make your own opinion. Ours is: wow! The architecture is modern and ambitious, especially for this old part of Europe and its traditional buildings and house.

The restaurant offers a fine gastronomic cuisine from the Alps. And there is a wine and tapas lounge.

Everybody knows James Bond 007 and, maybe, some or each movie of this amazing franchise. The last one, Spectre, has been filmed for a small part in this incredible restaurant located in Austria, at the top of the mountain. About 600 crew members to film few minutes!

The view on the mountain skyline is just crazy, and we’re confident that this beautiful spot will be the place to be this year.

ice Q Restaurant

Architect: Obermoser


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